Carpet Cleaning


Carpet floors are the part of your home which accumulates quite a lot of dust, soil and grit. However, our Carpet Cleaning Services can help extend your carpets life.
Our expert Carpet Cleaning Services are designed to meet the highest customer requirements at a reasonable price. In this regard, we make sure we have fully trained and competent staff and use the most powerful, effective and quality approved carpet cleaning equipment and materials.
The carpet cleaning method we use is Hot Water Extraction. The cleaning solution penetrates deep in the carpet, thoroughly removing dirt and grime off the fibres surface and then sucked up through the vacuum part of the machine, leaving a clean and fresh carpet. It is essential for asthma sufferers as it removes dust allergens and mites which a normal vacuum cannot remove. This method is suitable for almost all types of carpets and upholstery and proved to provide impressive results, depending on quality and condition of the carpet.

The cleaning is carried out by experienced and dedicated carpet cleaning specialists, who are trained to work with our powerful professional equipment and have deep knowledge in materials used in carpet making.
from£ 19 Single Bedroom
from£ 24 Double Bedroom
from£ 28 Lounge (Dining-Reception)
from£ 13 Hallway
from£ 28  Stairs
from£ 7 Landing
from£ 7 Bathroom (Toilet)
£ 15 Small Up to 4㎡
£ 29 Medium 4-12㎡
£ 40 Large more than 12㎡
from£ 20 Armchair
from£ 40 3 seat sofa
from£ 33 2 seat sofa

These prices are only guidelines and may vary according to condition yours carpets.